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Full committees yet to be finalised
Full committees yet to be finalised

Full committees yet to be finalised

Full committees yet to be finalised

Seven months into the announcement of forming its two Dhaka city units, the BNP is yet to finalise full-fledged committees for those. It is proving difficult to form the committees because many senior leaders have been dropped and junior leaders inducted, say BNP insiders. Party workers are in the dark about when the committees will be finalised, and the party’s central leaders are not commenting on the issue. A senior city leader, preferring anonymity, said it would not be easy to finalise the committees of the Dhaka South ad Dhaka North units of the party by ignoring senior city leaders. It may require reshuffling of the partial committees announced earlier to accommodate senior leaders in appropriate positions or to appoint them to important posts in the central committee, he added.

He said that except Habib-un-Nabi Khan Sohel, three other leaders have been selected as city convenor and general secretary from the thana level, but there are many other eligible leaders. Thus, the disparity in the selection of leaders is hindering completion of the two city committees and formation of thana committees, which could not be formed even in the last 18 years, he added.

Another leader said there are conflicts between senior and junior leaders in the two city committees, preventing finalisation of the bodies.

“It may not be possible to form full-fledged committees of the two city units without their reshuffling, as many junior leaders have been given important posts by ignoring senior leaders. The party should do a reshuffling of both units, keeping the president and secretary unchanged for the sake of a smooth solution,” he said.

Many leaders alleged that the formation of full-fledged committees is being delayed due to a rift between the pro-Khoka and pro-Abbas factions within the party.

Kazi Abul Bashar, general secretary of the Dhaka South unit of the BNP, however, was hopeful that the issue would be resolved within this year.

“We are not sitting idle. The process of completing the city committee is on and is almost complete,” he said.

He also said they are now holding meetings with thana level leaders almost every day.

He claimed that meeting of 10 thana committees out of 25 have already been held.

Regarding the formation of the thana committees, Kazi Bashar said they are working on a formula to overcome the hurdles.

The partial committees of the two city units were formed on April 18 this year. The step was taken after the previous

convening committee of the BNP’s city unit, headed by standing committee member Mirza Abbas, failed to form the full-fledged committee even in three years.

The BNP, for the first time, formed two city committees—Dhaka South, led by Habibun Nabi Khan Sohel and Kazi Abul Bashar, and Dhaka North, led by MA Quaiyum and Ahsanullah Hasan.

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir approved the 70-member and 64-member partial committees of the party’s new Dhaka South and Dhaka North units, respectively, at the directive of party chairperson Khaleda Zia. She had asked them to form full-fledged committees within a month.

The previous convening committee, headed by Mirza Abbas and Habib-un-Nabi kHan Sohel, formed on July 18 in 2014, also failed to form full-fledged committees and the thana committees in three years.

Earlier, Sadeque Hossain Khoka, also a former city mayor, and Abdus Salam led the unilateral city committee for about eight years.

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