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CU residential halls in grip of quality crisis

CU Correspondent: Chattogram University, the largest university of Bangladesh, is confronted by some serious problems about maintaining the residential hall’s properly.
The authority of the hall’s are providing very poor services consecutively like, low-grade meals, short accommodations, political aggression, calamitous washrooms, lacking electricity and wifi, etc.
On the other hand the environment of the hall’s are also threatened as the senior students implements many cruel activities on junior in the name of ragging system.
Although the problems are depicted recently, the authority only blames to their current goods prices. They claim that nowadays goods’ prices are raised severely.
In this connection, Nobab, the most senior student of bangla department said, perhaps it’s hard and fast and so ordinary things are happening that we have been taking our dinner meals as lunch. Every single day we have to pass our times by consuming only a bit of chicken or fish with slight vegetables. Nobab also mentioned that about the condition of their dals, almost every newcomer has washed their hands with the dals by thinking it as water.
In spite of facing several problems, students have to stay at hall because CU has been situated far from the city. But after admitting to the hall, another question has been raised, and that’s the political violence. If any student wants to stay at hall permanently, it’s mandatory that he have to be present at least one kind of political identity otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed at the hall. General students can’t lead their lives so easily without retaining politics, that’s why many students have been leaving their hall due to political violence.
Emaz Uddin, student of department of Arabic said in this connection, although he is allowed at Suhrawardy hall, he can’t stay there because of political violence. Emaz also claim that one student has occupied his seat illegally, but the interesting thing is that the student is the resident of another hall, nevertheless he is staying at Suhrawardy. Another noticeable incident is that in several halls, lot of seats is being voided only for well wishers by their political elders.
Besides that, the washrooms of the halls have become very calamitous atmosphere like public latrine. Because of lacking water students have to maintain a long serial for taking bath or whatever, that’s why they have been missing many classes for a long time.
In this connection, a senior resident of A.F. Rahman hall said to “The Bangladesh today”, our hall have been facing several harrowing situation for a long time such as, there are lots of decrepit doors with the toilet, water is mixed up with ill smelling, washroom is dilapidated by unhygienic environment, etc. He also claims that the hall authority should be taken prolific steps to reform such a calamitous circumstance.

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